VetTech.USVetTech.US, founded by Peter Polus, is a program of the Keeling Family Foundation dedicated to training and preparing veterans for the IT career field while simultaneously collecting and recycling/re-purposing E-waste.

Our Objectives:

  • Assist veterans to receive civilian I.T. Certifications
  • Provide employment for veteran graduates of the VetTech.US IT Certification program
  • Provide a vital community service by recycling and reusing e-waste that would normally be deposited into a landfill
  • Donate rebuilt/refurbished computer equipment to charitable organizations where there is a need
Realization of an Opportunity

In September 2009, the Illinois Public Act 95-959 was signed into law banning electronic devices from being put into landfills.

Keeling Family Foundation VetTech.US collects and refurbishes computers and donates them to those in need; women’s shelters, churches, veterans, nursing homes, schools, hospitals, Fisher House and many others. To date, over 2500 computers have been donated.

The Keeling Family Foundation was perfectly placed to serve as a distribution hub for qualified charities due to their many years of non-profit involvement and past charitable relationships. The potential to convert this vital service into a source of training and employment for our veterans makes VetTech.US a win-win situation for all.

One goal of VetTech.US is to fund the training of our veterans to receive their civilian IT certification and enable them to work in the IT industry and to support themselves and their families. The cost to the Keeling Family Foundation to fund each veteran to complete the program is $1,045. This is provided by VetTech.US at no cost to the veteran. Please help us by making a financial donation.

Program Operations:

What makes VetTech so great?

A Growth Industry

With more and more electronic devices being produced in the U.S. and our increasing reliance on computing equipment to keep day-to-day life running smoothly, VetTech.US is at the center of this growth industry. Positioning VetTech.US in local communities gives us future access to the public without the need for an enormous advertising budget. E-waste recycling has become a priority for all consumers. VetTech.US provides a convenient way for them to donate their used electronics to our charity with little effort on their part.

Our world’s ever increasing reliance on electronics also increases the need of properly trained technicians to handle the servicing, implementation and networking of these devices. Training our veterans for a career in this industry is one of the best investments we can make on their behalf and from which we will all benefit.

Our VetTech.US graduates are sought after by a very impressive list of employers including Smith Barney, Hilton Hotels, Best Buy, IBM, Dell, British Petroleum and many other major companies.

Many veterans are highly skilled in Networking and IT services yet lack the civilian IT credentials and certifications required by employers. VetTech.US’ instructional courses satisfy the required classroom credits toward certification. Refurbishing the collected equipment serves as hands-on learning opportunities to hone their new skills in preparation for the civilian labor market.

Support Our Veterans

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Program Priorities

Establishing more e-waste collection sites is a main priority. We must increase the donations of equipment needed to generate the funds to sustain and grow our operation. This will also increase the local community awareness of each collection site. Please contact us if you can host a new site.

Our most ambitious and important priority is the updating and refurbishment of the Bernice Road property in Lansing, Illinois. It was gifted to the Keeling Family Foundation in 2011 but is in need of many capital repairs. Our goal is that it will become the VetTech.US’s 12,000 square foot headquarters.

Our final task is to provide classroom instruction for our U.S. veterans. Our goal is to help them obtain their civilian IT credentials thereby giving them the qualifications to enter the civilian IT job market or continue with the VetTech.US as ambassadors or instructors for new students.

By refurbishing equipment in VetTech’s facility, students gain many hours of true hands-on experience. Because we collect such a wide array of models and vintages of computers, they gain more practical experience in a shorter period of time than they could from performing years of routine service. This is only one reason why our graduates find success with so many stable and long-term employers.

What You Can Do to Help

Your financial support is greatly needed and appreciated. Our goal this year is to train 175 veterans through the IT certification program. Our three year old program has produced 105 IT certified veterans who are all currently employed or are involved in VetTech’s operations.  Our Foundation goals are ambitious. We hope that you will find value in our program and give your financial support.

Beyond your direct financial support, providing a collection site for VetTech would help us immensely. Hosting a donation site is easy and doesn’t require you to manage any part of the operation. We deliver a collection container to your site along with signage of acceptable items. When the container is full, it will be quickly picked up and replaced with an empty container. Quick, clean and simple!

Find a Recycling Center

We have many locations in the Chicagoland area where you can bring your e-waste for recycling.
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