Recycle your e-waste with VetTech.US

E-Waste RecyclingYou can help veterans of our armed services, your community, and yourself by recycling your e-waste with VetTech. Your old, unwanted, and/or no longer working electronics can still serve a purpose! You can find a list of accepted items at the bottom of this page.

Helping Veterans
The e-waste we collect is used in our Free IT Training program for veterans. Your old electronics will help military veterans learn as they work toward their IT certifications.

Helping the Community
E-waste recycling with VetTech supports veterans in their IT Training, but it also benefits your community. Recycling your e-waste keeps it out of landfills, which benefits the environment. Also, many of the items we collect are refurbished and given to community and charitable organizations as well as families in need.

Helping Yourself
Recycling your e-waste with VetTech ensures that it will be disposed of in a manner that complies with all federal and state regulations regarding the disposal of electronics.

As of January 1, 2012, Illinois law requires electronics (“e-waste”) to be disposed of in a proper manner. This is the perfect time for you to bring your old equipment to VetTech.US for free recycling. We will collect, erase, refurbish and find a home for your used devices. Why not dispose of your technology and help the environment, veterans, families and organizations in need all at the same time? We accept working or non-working electronic items, including:

  • All computers, keyboards, mice, software, and parts
  • Small appliances; toasters, blenders, George Foreman Grills, etc.
  • Radios, stereos, tape decks, record players
  • CDs & DVDs
  • All batteries, chargers, cords and adapters
  • Phones, phone systems, cell phones and accessories
  • Power tools, sump pumps, scrap metal and vacuum cleaners
  • Hair dryers, curling irons, electric shavers, etc.
  • Microwave ovens, lamps, fixtures, fans, and wiring

To find a collection bin near you please refer to our Collection Sites and Map.

If you would like to host a collection site please fill out the Host Form.

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