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Our Mission:
We are called to love and honor God and help others. With a deep appreciation for their military service, we will provide training for our Veterans.
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VetTech.US provides FREE career IT Training to Veterans of our military.
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Advisory Board

Advisory Board

  • Chuck Baron, Navy, Vietnam
  • Allen DeNormandie, Navy, Vietnam
  • Christopher Hawkins, Air Force, Post-9/11
  • David Holle, Army, Vietnam
  • Don Keeling, Army, Korea
  • Jerry Kuchta, Navy, Vietnam
  • Robert Malnik, Army, Post-9/11
  • Gerald Paulsen, Army, Vietnam
  • Mark Sides, Marines, Vietnam
  • Chuck Usher, Army, Korea
  • Hyman White, Air Force, Vietnam
  • LTG(Ret.) Jack Woodmansee, Army, Korea & Vietnam
  • Rob Woodmansee, Army, Post-9/11
  • Michael L. Yauger, Army, Vietnam

We would also like to posthumously honor these brave veterans:

  • Ralph R. Keeling, Army, Korea
  • Harry Keeling, Army, WWII
  • William Keeling, Air Force, WWII
  • Roger Mulcahy, Navy, WWII
  • Stanley Louis Powenski, Navy, WWII
  • Clarence Usher, Navy, WWII
  • Donald Usher, Army, WWII
  • Edward Usher, Air Force, POW WWII
  • John Usher, Navy, WWII

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