Thank You Faith Methodist Church of Orland Park!

Faith Methodist Church of Orland Park, located at 15101 South 80th Avenue, Orland Park, IL, gifted to the VetTech Project of the Keeling Family Foundation $5,000 earmarked for capital improvements and greatly needed equipment, books and supplies to continue our mission.

“Our Lansing Facility is in dire need of repairs.  This generous gift will improve our classrooms and training programs.   On behalf of our Veteran students, the Foundation, and myself, Thank You!  This gift is by far one of the most generous expressions of support we have ever received,” Peter Polus, VetTech Project Manager.

Are you a Veteran or know a Veteran interested in exploring a new career in I.T.? We offer an extensive CompTIA A+ and Microsoft MCTS certification program that is absolutely free to all veterans…Details

Growing list of locations

Please visit our updated Collection Sites page to see our expanding list of places where you can drop off your electronics to be recycled. New locations in Crete, Justice, Maywood, Park Forest, and Chicago Heights… to name but a few. The Recycling Services page lists what we can recycle, which now includes TVs.

Find a Recycling Center

We have many locations in the Chicagoland area where you can bring your e-waste for recycling.
Find an e-waste recycling center

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