Vettech is dedicated to the pursuit of secure employment training and opportunities for U.S. veterans returning home from deployment. Today’s armed forces require thousands of our young men and women to learn a specific skill set that doesn’t always directly transfer to civilian life and civilian careers. It is absolutely vital to have people trained and ready to load weapons onto fighter planes on short notice. Knowledge of the munitions, the planes and handling of explosives are essential for success. But these skills don’t readily apply to most civilian careers. For those that don’t come home with skills that are in demand, Vettech is here to help.

There are four major components to our program that allow veterans to find the same success, fulfillment, and opportunity as they were afforded during deployment. These components are: training, employment, counseling, and employment.

Veterans are trained in essential hard skills and counseled to sharpen soft skills to prepare them for specific career opportunities. Where it is necessary, we provide housing accommodations in close proximity to where they will be attending class. All three of these aspects are provided free of charge to show our veterans how much their service has meant to our country and how much they still mean to all of us as individuals and as Americans.

The final aspect of the program is employment. It’s hard to put a dollar amount on an employment opportunity like it is to estimate the costs of tuition, supplies, and housing. But the employment aspect of our program is truly priceless and sets us apart from other programs. By having a job waiting for the students when they are done training, we are able to offer a secure and complete pathway to better jobs and opportunities. All of that time and training means nothing if you can’t use it.

By establishing our program upon these four important aspects, we are able to deliver upon an important promise to people that have truly earned and deserve a clear path to the American dream.

Our Unique Programs for Military Veterans