Our mission:  We are called to love and honor God by helping and serving others.  With deep appreciation for their military service, we will provide training, employment, counseling, and housing or veterans as they adjust to civilian careers.

VetTech.US is a program of the Keeling Family Foundation dedicated to training and preparing veterans for the IT career field.

Our Objectives:

  • Provide veterans with I.T. training
  • Assist veterans to receive civilian I.T. Certifications
  • Provide employment for veteran graduates of the VetTech.US IT Certification program
  • Donate rebuilt/refurbished computer equipment to charitable organizations where there is a need

One goal of VetTech.US is to fund the training of our veterans to receive their civilian IT certification and enable them to work in the IT industry and to support themselves and their families. The cost to the Keeling Family Foundation to fund each veteran to complete the program is $1,045. This is provided by VetTech.US at no cost to the veteran. Please help us by making a financial donation.

Program Operations:

What makes VetTech so great?

A Growth Industry

With more and more electronic devices being produced in the U.S. and our increasing reliance on computing equipment to keep day-to-day life running smoothly, VetTech.US is at the center of this growth industry. Positioning VetTech.US in local communities gives us future access to the public without the need for an enormous advertising budget. E-waste recycling has become a priority for all consumers. VetTech.US provides a convenient way for them to donate their used electronics to our charity with little effort on their part.

Our world’s ever increasing reliance on electronics also increases the need of properly trained technicians to handle the servicing, implementation and networking of these devices. Training our veterans for a career in this industry is one of the best investments we can make on their behalf and from which we will all benefit.
Our VetTech.US graduates are sought after by a very impressive list of employers including Smith Barney, Hilton Hotels, Best Buy, IBM, Dell, British Petroleum and many other major companies.

Many veterans are highly skilled in Networking and IT services yet lack the civilian IT credentials and certifications required by employers. VetTech.US’ instructional courses satisfy the required classroom credits toward certification. Refurbishing the collected equipment serves as hands-on learning opportunities to hone their new skills in preparation for the civilian labor market.

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