The fact that there is no tuition or charges of any kind that will be asked of our veterans provides a great relief for people seeking education and training. But often times the actual cost of the school is only one part of a complex financial puzzle. Whether the costs of school are covered or not, there are still bills to pay and expenses to meet.  This can be all the more difficult when you consider that the time necessary for class and homework is going to further constrict the students’ schedule and may take time away from work.

In order to place the availability of this training into the hands of more and more capable veterans, Vettech is working with local communities to rehab homes and provide housing at a low cost. By reducing one of the larger and more unavoidable expenses from the work/school equation, more veterans are able to balance their current expenses and obligations more easily while preparing for their new career. In many cases, this single aspect can prevent many people from feasibly acquiring advanced training and education.

Not only does this aspect of the program make it more realistic for people to participate, it enhances the overall experience. The housing is in close proximity to where they are actually training and allows them easy access to other students in their program. So not only can they conveniently meet and work with other students for school, they also have the opportunity to spend time with other veterans. By working with people that really understand their experiences during deployment as well as the return home, the support base is strengthened and the educational experience benefits as a result. The same camaraderie that soldiers rely upon for survival on the battlefield is allowed to flourish back home within our community of Vettech students to ensure a different kind of success.


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