Perhaps the most important measurement used to gauge the true value of educational programs is the rate of employment that graduates encounter after graduation. Many of today’s higher education programs can seem like a gamble. Too many of today’s graduates are leaving school and are expected to start paying large student loans when they haven’t even found employment in their field. As a result, there are thousands of recent grads out there today that are working in positions far-removed from their actual field of study.

Students in Vettech programs don’t have to second guess their chosen field or worry about how the job market is looking. Vettech students learn skills that they will use on a specific job right after graduation. The training isn’t just there to prepare students for potential job openings, students are trained in response to a direct and immediate need. Our corporate sponsors tell us how many people they need and when they will need them, then we find those people and get them ready. There is no need for a job search or turning to an employment agency.

In many ways we feel it’s unfair to measure our employment statistics against those of other educational institutions or training programs. By design, 100% of students that complete our program will be going to work shortly after they finish. We don’t offer training in writing resumes or other job hunting techniques. We simply find jobs that need to be filled and train people to take those positions. With Vettech, there is no uncertainty. There are only jobs and all the training needed to fill them.

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