Vettech has honed and perfected the content and delivery of our training so that we can consistently produce employees with strong core competencies. Some of these skills are further verified with technical certifications. These are referred to as hard skills that are required to correctly perform any job.  For example, welders may have to know how to arc weld or mig weld. These are specific skills that apply only welding.

Vettech knows that hard skills are the best way to get a person through the door and into a job. We also know that one of the better ways to keep them there is by properly balancing their curriculum with appropriate soft skills. Unlike hard skills, soft skills are not directly tied to a specific job. Soft skills are focused on interpersonal relationships and sometimes referred to as “people skills”. These are the parts of the job that aren’t addressed in all education programs yet they are truly necessary for success in almost any career or profession.

Making a transition into a new job is a challenge for many people regardless of where you came from. For many of our servicemen and women this challenge is a bit more intense as they adjust to the relative quietness of life back home. Our soft skills training helps veterans to progress through the transition by putting them back in touch with a softer, gentler personal touch than they may have had to suspend during their deployment in dangerous or stressful environments.

By focusing on soft skills we aim to produce a more well-rounded employee that surpasses the expectations of our corporate sponsors. This comprehensive approach to training ensures that students have all the tools they will need to find security, opportunity, and success in their endeavors.

Our Unique Programs for Military Veterans