Vettech isn’t just a place for people to learn and grow, it’s also a place for employers to come for qualified workers. One of the great ways we secure opportunities for veterans is by forging corporate sponsors in our community.

Businesses can approach us with a need for any number of employees. If they need many people or know that they’re going to need more over time, we offer them the chance to be corporate sponsors. This sponsorship is just as easy as it is effective. Companies that commit to us with their donation are rewarded a short time later with new employees that are guaranteed to meet their criteria.

The simplicity of this program provides satisfaction to both the employer and the student. The sponsor knows that their workforce will be steadily supplied with new workers and our students know that they have a job waiting for them when they are done.

By becoming a corporate partner, the businesses save money by relaxing the burden on their employment and HR departments. Many of these new employees qualify the businesses more savings because so many of our graduates qualify for Work Opportunity Tax Credits. This further offsets the cost of finding good people.

This becomes a win-win proposition because businesses are allowed to cut or leverage some major costs associated with their employment needs and our students enjoy the very rare prospect of guaranteed employment upon graduation.

Our Unique Programs for Military Veterans