Many of today’s education opportunities are out of reach for many of the people that need them. Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough grants and scholarships to go around. Worse yet, not all of these prospects to save money are easy to find or well-advertised. At Vettech, the concept of assistance is one of our top priorities.

Luckily for the students, most of the necessary assistance has been completed without any necessary cooperation or assistance from the students. In fact, much of this groundwork is established long before the student is accepted. There is no need to meet with a loan counselor or apply for grants because the cost or obligation to the student has already been met either through corporate sponsorships or donations from the public.

There are no additional costs for study materials or books. When it comes time to take an exam for a necessary accreditation or endorsement, those costs are covered as well. For those that need a place to stay so they can concentrate on their studies rather than living expenses, we provide housing.

In short, we do everything we possibly can to bring the possibility of training and the realization of an education to US veterans. Contact us today with any questions you may have on how we can help you train for and step into a promising career.

Our Unique Programs for Military Veterans