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Our Mission:
We are called to love and honor God and help others. With a deep appreciation for their military service, we will provide training for our Veterans.
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VetTech.US provides FREE career IT Training to Veterans of our military.
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Serving Veterans, Serving Your Community

VetTech.US is a unique program which trains our military Veterans for IT certification and careers. Founded and operated by the Keeling Family Foundation to help Veterans, we also help our local communities. We collect and recycle older, unwanted electronics, or “e-waste” which can no longer by law be disposed of in landfills. The e-waste we collect for recycling helps to fund veteran training and is used in the free IT training program. When possible, we refurbish older electronics and donate them to community and charitable organizations in need. This is the reason we say “Serving Veterans, Serving Your Community”  We are now partnered up with Eworks Electronics Services Inc,  eWorks provides secure and environmentally safe electronics recycling and remarketing services. http://eworksesi.org/

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